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AAP Strategic Plan 2018-2023

The Strategic Plan is a roadmap of the next five years for AAP to build on its initial accomplishments and strengthen its governance structure in order to live up to the commitment that inspired its establishment - to become an African-led institution that responds to global opportunities and challenges.

Strategic Plan 2018-2023 [PDF]

The Strategic Plan identifies five key goals to achieving this commitment:

Goal 1: Building Bridges

A robust network of innovative partnerships among MSU, African universities, other African institutions and international partners.

Goal 2: Transforming Institutions

Transformed institutions that are better able to engage in equitable and sustainable partnerships for research-
driven initiatives.

Goal 3: Research for Impact

Demonstrated practice of research for impact among MSU and its partner institutions (high-quality, high-impact research).

Goal 4: Sustainable Funding

Diverse resources necessary to achieve AAP’s vision are made available.

Goal 5: Governance Structure

An AAP governance structure that reflects and promotes the model of co-creation and equitable partnership among MSU and African organizations.