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Planning Grants: $100,000

Planning Grants: $100,000  

Ubuntu: Museums and Communities Connect

  • Priority Area: Culture
  • Principal Investigators: Marsha MacDowell (MSU), Bongani Mgijima (Stellenbosch University)
  • Primary Partners: C. Kurt Dewhurst (MSU), Aleia Brown (MSU), Tiffany Caesar (MSU), Masa Soko (Stellenbosch University), Ulrich Wolff (Stellenbosch University)
  • Institutional Partners: Michigan State University Museum; Stellenbosch University Museum with Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum (South Africa)

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Nigerian Poultry Sector

  • Priority Areas: Agri-food Systems; Water, Energy, and the Environment
  • Principal Investigators: Laura Schmitt Olabisi (MSU), Bukola Osuntade (Oya State College), Saweda Liverpool-Tasie (MSU), Oluwafunmiso Adeola Olajide (University of Ibadan)
  • Institutional Partners: MSU (College of Agriculture and Natural Resources); Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology (Nigeria); University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Micronutrient Deficiency and Long-term Functional Deficit in School-Aged Ugandan Children with and without Chronic HIV-Infection

  • Priority Area: Health and Nutrition
  • Principal Investigator: Amara Ezeamama (MSU)
  • Principal Investigator & Project Supervisor: Sarah Zalwango (Kampala City Council Authority)
  • Co-Investigators & Research Mentors: Philippa Musoke (Makerere), Michael Boivin (MSU)
  • Institutional Partners: MSU (Colleges of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine); Kampala City Council Authority (Uganda); Makerere University (Uganda)

Energy Security for Sustainable Livelihoods in Southern Africa

  • Priority Area: Water, Energy, and Environment
  • Corresponding Author: Robert Richardson (MSU)
  • Investigators: Cloé Garnache (MSU), Pascal Nzokou (MSU), Leo Zulu (MSU), Charles Jumbe (Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources [LUANAR]), Judith Kamoto (LUANAR), John Kazembe (LUANAR), Stephen Makungwa (LUANAR), Elias Kuntashula (University of Zambia), Antony Chapoto (Indaba Agriculture Policy Research Institute)
  • Institutional Partners: MSU (Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Social Science); Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Malawi); University of Zambia (Zambia); Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (Zambia)

Countering Violent Extremism in Mali: Critical Reasoning, Moral Character, and Democratic Resilience through Peace Education

  • Priority Areas: Education; Youth Empowerment; Culture
  • Principal Investigators: Stephen Esquith (MSU), Maria Diarra Keita (Institute for Popular Education)
  • Institutional Partners: MSU (Residential College in the Arts and Humanities); Institute for Popular Education (Mali)

An Innovative Model for "Connecting Science" for Transforming Agriculture in Africa

  • Priority Area: Agri-food Systems
  • Principal Investigator: Cholani Weebadde (MSU)
  • Co-Investigators: Hashini Galhena Dissanayake (MSU), Patricia Acheampong (Crops Research Institute), Eric Owusu Danquah (MSU/CSIR), Princess Adjei-Frimpong (MSU)
  • Institutional Partners: MSU (College of Agriculture and Natural Resources); Crops Research Institute (Ghana)

Advancing the Social and Environmental Benefits of Agro-ecology Productions in Arid West Africa

  • Priority Areas: Water, Energy, and Environment; Agri-food Systems
  • Principal Investigators: Karamoko Diarra (University Cheikh Anta Diop), Muraleedharan Nair (MSU)
  • Institutional Partners: University Cheikh Anta Diop (Senegal), MSU (Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Social Science), Community of Niakhène (Senegal)