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Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) Delegation visits MSU

Published: Friday, 29 Sep 2017
Author: Rachel Warner
Department: Office of the Dean

This September, MSU's International Studies and Programs (ISP) and the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP) hosted a delegation of leaders from Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), led by Professor Address Malata, the university's vice chancellor. The delegation's weeklong visit to MSU's campus was the first stop on a study tour of U.S. universities aimed at learning best governance and management practices from and establishing institutional links with selected established U.S. universities. 

While on campus, the visitors took part in small group discussions focusing on many of the core functions of higher education institutions: curriculum development and innovative pedagogies; university finance, planning, and fundraising; academic governance; research support; community outreach and engagement; and promoting equity and inclusion including gender issues. The visit was successful by all accounts, and the AAP and ISP are already planning follow-up activities that will strengthen the longstanding partnership between MSU and university in Malawi.

A delegation from MUST poses with MSU Provost June Youatt.